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What Is Chrysalis?


Chrysalis is the growth stage between caterpillars and butterflies. While on the outside it may look like nothing is happening. However, on the inside, a very unique crafted change is taking place. This change, from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly symbolizes that through dying of the self, Christ can transform us into new people. Jesus Christ is able to change, re-do, or delete our old selves into a brand new person! However, we must be willing and open in order for Jesus to come into our lives and re-create this new person.


The name Chrysalis was chosen for the Young Adult Walk to Emmaus because it represents a growth of faith in the lives of college students and other young adults. This spiritual growth is vital to help the transformation between teens and adulthood.Chrysalis is a three-day spiritual renewal retreat that gives participants the opportunity to learn more about their faith and experience Christ's love and grace in a new and exciting way. It also provides the chance to make new friends and establish new commitments in their spiritual journey.


What Happens At Chrysalis?


Participants or butterflies are they are called throughout the weekend, will spend three days surrounded by other young adults from colleges throughout the state. They will experience the love of Christ through the prayers and many acts of service from a loving community of believers. Butterflies will hear talks given by other young adults, older adults as well as clergy. These talks focus on the needs of young adults in today's society and discuss the obstacles that we face as Christian believers. Each day consists of five talks followed by a time of reflection and discussion with your group.


What Happens After Chrysalis?


After the end of your Chrysalis journey, you are invited to become active in your faith and walk with Christ. This can be through your local church, others at school, family and sharing of the Bible and how God's love and grace has been a part of your daily life.


Who Should Attend & What Should They Bring?

Chrysalis is for the young adult between the ages of 18-28. These individuals can sign up for a Chrysalis no matter where they are in their walk with Christ.


What You Will Need:


An Open Heart & Mind· A Sleeping bag & pillow (or sheets and blanket)· Toiletries· Comfortable Clothes· Bible (if you have one)


What You Will Get: An experience of God’s Love you’ll never forget!The opportunity to make new friends (even if they are from your rival university!)· Great Music· Real Conversations· Stories from students like YOU· Laughter, tears, prayers & FUN!· FOOD, FOOD, and more FOOD!

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